We have been learning how to use Explain Everything. We haven’t long had this app on our iPad’s so we were excited to find out about it.

Last week, we learnt to take photos and how we can edit them. We also learnt how to add text. This week, we learnt about changing backgrounds and adding recording as well as adding audio.

Here are some of our finished projects.


Have you used Explain Everything before?

7 thoughts on “Explain Everything

  1. Hello I am Caitlin. I am in Miss Lanham class. Well done! All your i pads will be safe and your class will look after them!

  2. Thank you Kuaka hub for commeting on our blog!

    We really enjoyed learning how to look after our iPads and using Explain Everything.

    How do you look after your Chromebooks when you are not using them?

    Room 6

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