Yesterday, Mrs McDonald asked us all to bring in some vegetables because today we were going to be making some Matariki Soup!

Some of us had to peel some vegetables and Mrs McDonald cut our vegetables up to sizes that were easy to eat! We put the vegetables into 3 pots (2 were medium sized and one was HUUUUUUGGGGEEE!!)

It took about an hour and a half for the soup to cook.

While the soup was cooking, we set the tables up; we had to make sure everyone had a spoon (on the right hand side) and a bowl.

When we were eating, we also had some bread which could dip into our soup. It was so yummy that half of us (and room 7) had a second bowl! Mrs McDonald even took some over to our principal, Mrs Morresey, and she wanted to know the secret recipe!

We have also been making some trinket bowls using airdry clay. We shaped our dishes using a fork, paintbrush and toothbrush. We also painted them in a beautiful green, and used another paintbrush to draw thin black lines. When our leaf or fish hook has dried we will put some PVA glue on it to help seal it and make it shiny!

These are going to go into our art exhibition which we are holding at school on Matariki for everyone to come and see.

We also made Matariki stars; we had to research about each of the nine Matariki stars to colour in and decorate so we knew which star represents and what their names are!

What do you do to celebrate Matariki?