Today, we got to learn about a coding app called Scratch Jr.

Whaea Stacey showed us how to create a new character and how to add a background. She then showed us the different actions you can do to move the characters.

Our characters had to be our names, and we could move them any way we wanted. Scratch was new for lots of us, but it was so much fun!

Have you used scratch before?


Staying Safe Online

Today we learnt about being Cybersmart with our personal and private information.

We learnt that it is OK to share: what we enjoy doing, what sports we play, some of our favourite things, our first name only and our pets name. This information is called personal information.

We learnt that we should keep our private information private. Some things that are private information are: our last name, phone numbers, addresses, number plates and  our school uniform logo.


Today was our first cybersmart lesson with Whaea Stacey. She will be in every week for the rest of the year!