For the past 2 weeks during our cybersmart lessons, we have been learning about Fake News and Pictures and how to spot if things are fake. If things look too good to be true – then they probably are!

We got a change at using Craiyon – a cool AI site that allows you to put in words to create a fake image. We used this to help us come up with a crazy picture and then use that for a fake news article.

Here is some of our work:


We had so much f

SMART MEDIA: Creating Media

This week saw us starting our smart media topic. We learnt about different sites like Chrome Music Lab and Scribble Diffusion to help us create some media.

Here are some of our classes songs:

And here are some of our Scribble Diffusion creations. We really liked this site because it didn’t matter if you weren’t the best drawer, you still got a really cool picture!

Have you tried either of these websites before?