Digital Island Footprint

Today in our Cybersmart lesson with Whaea Stacey we learnt about footprints!

We discussed that real footprints can disappear from sun, snow, wind or water; but, digital footprints are permanent. We talked about we can’t always erase footprints so we need to be careful with what we put online. We need to be Cybersmart! We need to keep our private information private.

We then talked about our digital history and what websites we use at school (in the island) and some sites we use at home (out of our island).

Do you use any of the same learning sites as us?

Staying Safe Online

Today we learnt about being Cybersmart with our personal and private information.

We learnt that it is OK to share: what we enjoy doing, what sports we play, some of our favourite things, our first name only and our pets name. This information is called personal information.

We learnt that we should keep our private information private. Some things that are private information are: our last name, phone numbers, addresses, number plates and  our school uniform logo.


Today was our first cybersmart lesson with Whaea Stacey. She will be in every week for the rest of the year!

Private vs Personal

We are learning to make smart decisions about what personal information we share online. We have learned that we musn’t share any personal information that would help people to find us in real life; examples of this sort of information are our address, our phone number, and our last name. Personal information that it is ok to share are things like our pets’ names, our first names, and things we like to do.

We learned how to use images and shapes to cover up information in our pictures that might reveal our private information; for example the school logo on our uniforms, the number on our letterbox, and our car’s registration plate.

Here is an example of our work, practising these new skills.


Read all about Team Tarānui Room 6.


Kia ora we are Room 6 at Foxton Beach School. Our teacher’s name is Mrs. McDonald and she really helps us learn; we all love her. Her favourite thing is reading stories to kids.

We live very close to Foxton Beach and that is the name of our village. Foxton Beach is on the West Coast of the North Island, about an hour and a half north of Wellington. Foxton Beach is a sandy beach and you are allowed to drive on it!!

We are a very small school with only seven classrooms. Because we’re so small, a lot of our families know each other and we’re a very whānau-orientated school. Lots of us have a cousin or a sibling at this school with us. We always say good morning. We’re very helpful to each other and all the kids play together – big and little. Our school is one of the schools where the Pause Breathe Smile ad was filmed and you can see our classroom in the background when all the kids cheer.

We love our sport at Foxton Beach School. We have house competitions in swimming, athletics, cross country, tug of war, rippa rugby and kia-o-rahi.

We always have to give our best at our learning. We do really cool maths and literacy. We’re not afraid to make mistakes because we know that when we make mistakes our brains grow. We are cooperative learners.

It’s going to be great getting to know you.