Today in our Cybersmart lesson we learnt how to create shape art on Google Slides.

We learnt how to create some pictures using a range of shapes, we had: monsters, road signs and trees, mountains, space and animals.

Here are some of our pictures!

Have you used Google Slides to create art?

3 thoughts on “Google Slides Art

  1. Kia Orana Room 6,

    We like your art work – it looks very pretty. We liked how you have added colours and words to your pictures. You are very creative!
    We like that all the pictures you have shared are very different. It looks like you have put in lots of effort!

    How did you make the words in your pictures?

    – Room 7

    1. Hi there
      Thank you
      We are learning so much.
      To add words there is a plus in the corner and if you press it you scroll down and then you press text. You can make it smaller and then you can drag your finger to where you want the words to go. We hope this answers your question. Have a great week.

      Room Six
      Foxton Beach School

  2. Hi Foxton Beach. We love your digital Google slide art. We will try this soon.
    Room 18
    New Windsor School

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